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About Us

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Abortion is an emotive topic globally, yet Dubai’s laws surrounding abortion make accessing safe and legal abortion difficult for women. Our company provides women with safe and confidential abortion pills – helping ensure control over both bodies and lives! We empower women through knowledge about accessing safe abortion options while giving them control of their bodies and lives! Our company’s aim is to empower these women so that their reproductive lives don’t depend on state dictated restrictions alone!

Our History

Our company was established in 1967 by a collective of healthcare professionals who saw a need in Dubai for safe and reliable abortion access services for women. At first, only counseling services were provided; as our reputation expanded we added abortion pills deemed safe up to 10 weeks of gestation for safe abortion access.

Our Services

At Our Company, our company offers women a safe and confidential means of terminating pregnancies safely and confidentially. We provide counseling services that empower women to make informed choices regarding their bodies and lives as well as safe abortion pills that work up to 10 weeks into gestation – making sure our services remain accessible regardless of financial situations or availability of resources.

Our Team

At Women First Abortion Clinics (WFC), our highly-skilled healthcare team strives to offer women access to safe abortion procedures with compassion. This includes licensed doctors, nurses and counselors dedicated to offering safe abortion procedures.


Our Approach At Center For Reproductive Rights and Wellness (CRRW), we believe every woman deserves to make decisions regarding her body and life freely and with empathy and consideration of each woman’s unique circumstances. Our objective is to equip these women with all of the information and support needed for making informed choices regarding pregnancies.

At Our Company, safety is of utmost concern. All of the abortion pills sold through us have been FDA-approved and proven safe up to 10 weeks gestation, while we adhere to stringent protocols in order to offer our patients top care in an environment which offers maximum comfort.

Privacy Is Critical At our practice, we recognize the significance of patient privacy is to them. That is why we take every measure necessary to keep any sensitive data about them protected unless required by law.

Our Vision

Our aim is to empower women by providing knowledge and access to safe abortion procedures. We strongly believe in each woman’s right to make her own decisions regarding her body and life – and are dedicated to offering women all of the support and resources they require in order to do this successfully.


Our Partnerships
We collaborate closely with healthcare organizations and advocacy groups worldwide to provide safe abortion access. As advocates for women’s rights and health, partnerships play a central role in reaching this objective.

Since our inception, we have assisted hundreds of women access safe and legal abortion services. We take great pride in having made a significant impactful difference on women’s lives – and will work tirelessly to provide safe abortion services at reasonable costs for future women who seek them out.

At Our Future, our focus remains to provide safe and confidential abortion services for women worldwide. To that end, we aim to expand both services and partnerships so as to offer access to safe legal abortion procedures around the globe.


Our abortion pills company in Dubai is dedicated to equipping women with knowledge and access to safe abortion services. We believe every woman deserves to make her own decisions concerning her body and life and are here to provide support and care when making these choices. We work tirelessly on their behalf so they have access to reliable abortion services without fear of the unknown or confidential services.