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Mifegest kit in Dubai

(Mifegest kit in uae) is a @combination of two medicines, (Mifepristone and Misoprostol). The medication blocks progesterone, !which is a (female hormone) responsible for maintaining pregnancy.

Moreover, it is one of the safest ways to end abortion medically. Many doctors consider the Mifegest Kit safer than penicillin. However, we always suggest our clients consult their doctor and get advice before proceeding with the Mifegest kit in Dubai.

Furthermore, getting abortion pills in Dubai is an easy task as the country does not allow the sale of these medications. However, considering the health complications of our valued customers, we proudly deliver all types of medicines, including the Mifegest kit, in Dubai.

Therefore, if you are facing an unwanted pregnancy, we guarantee the prompt delivery of genuine medications as prescribed by your physician.

Feel free to get in touch, as our customer service team is available around the clock to help you deliver your desired medicine.

Understanding the Mifegest Kit in uae

Mifegest kit in dubai

It is vital to understand what the Mifegest kit is before using it. Although you must have consulted your doctor and then started searching for Mifepristone in UAE,, we will further elaborate on the workings of a Mifegest kit to wipe away any doubts.


(Mifegest kit in uae) is a medicines belonging to anti-progestational steroids and synthetic prostaglandins. Purpose of these salts is to terminate (pregnancy) up to 63 days after the first day of your last menstrual period.


We always recommend not using the Mifegest kit abortion pills alone in Dubai. Seeking professional advice from your doctor is mandatory to cover up any side effects of the medicine. Moreover, if you are having any of the below issues, do not use Mifegest or other abortion medication without a written prescription from your doctor.

Kidney issues
Liver problems
Respiratory problem
High blood pressure
High blood cholesterol levels
Anaemia or being malnourished

Side effects of Mifegest kit available in uae

Although the Mifegest kit is medically secure, it could still have specific side effects. Therefore, it is crucial to remember this before making Mifegest kit available in UAE.

Here are the common side effects of Mifegest; if these worsen, immediately consult your doctor for further advice.

Congenital disabilities like facial paralysis
Stop breastfeeding, as medicine could pass into breast milk.
It could cause a partial abortion.
Uterine contractions
Lower abdomen cramps
Heavy bleeding

Managing Side Effects of Mifegest Kit available in dubai

We have observed that the Mifegest Kit has side effects that can affect your health. Therefore, it is also essential to keep your sleeves up to counter these side effects. Our medical team has come up with a few tips and suggestions to cover the primary side effects

So, if the effects remain persistent, you should contact your doctor for further advice.


Drinking a lot of water and fluids would help keep you hydrated. However, only take diarrhoea medicine after consulting your doctor.

Dizziness or drowsiness

Try to rest, get enough sleep, and avoid driving. Likewise, avoid consuming alcohol, as it will aggregate your dizziness.

Nausea and vomiting

Stick to simple meals and avoid oily or spicy foods.

Where can I find the mifegest kit in Dubai

Now that you fully know the usage and complications associated with a Mifegest kit, the next and most challenging step is to find this in Dubai. We have encountered numerous clients who find it almost impossible to get Cytotec in Dubai.

Therefore, keeping their problem in mind and caring for their health, we are offering Mifegest kits in Dubai. Furthermore, we are a team of medical experts who ensure you get valid and approved medicines at your doorstep.

Likewise, we do not get you through lengthy sign-in procedures, as we trust your privacy and get orders in a single click.

How Do We Work

We have a simple way of operating; the purpose of our being is to deliver trust with ease. We are a team of medical professionals aiming to care for our clients.

Even though it is a challenge to find Misoprostol in Dubai, we are making it easy. Here is how we operate to make it possible to deliver our trust.

Stock Import

One of the critical aspects of our business is keeping our shelves updated. Therefore, considering the expiration of Mifegst kits available in dubai, we ensure that our stocks are always fresh and never out of stock.

So, you will always get a positive response regarding the availability of medicine.

One-Click Order

To ensure the privacy of our customers, we have a simple ordering procedure. You can find the place-order button on our webpage, which will take you to WhatsApp. You can place your order without even mentioning your name.

Therefore, you only need to give us your address and the required medication, and we will deliver it.

Medical Experts

We have a team of medical experts who have sound knowledge of medicine. You can also get in touch with them and discuss any medical complications. Moreover, they also keep checking our incoming stocks to ensure only the 100% authentic Mifegest kit reaches our shelves.


We deliver Mifegest kits in Dubai. However, we have partners that can provide related medicines throughout the UAE. So, if you are anywhere in the UAE, you can contact us with complete trust as we ensure the timely delivery of orders.

Why choose us

Our trusted customers and partners can better answer this question; you can visit the testimonials page to find good reasons to choose us. However, we offer the following facilities, making us the most trusted name when you look for Misoprostol in Dubai:.

Authentic Stock

Many people have been scammed into buying unapproved Mifegest kits in Dubai. However, we only deliver FDA-approved kits to our clients. Since we import fresh stock, you will only get the desired medicine.

Moreover, our stock contains manufacturing batch numbers with expiration dates, thus making them verifiable.

Reasonable Price

We value the health of our customers. Therefore, you will get your Mifepristone in UAE at a reasonable price. We have observed many suppliers charging hefty amounts, but we boast about creating mutual trust by charging the right amount to suit your budget.


Privacy of customer is our main business. Considering the sensitive nature of medicine, we do not even ask for your name. All you need to do is provide us with your address and get your abortion kit delivered. Moreover, we do not ask for your personal information, such as your email address, passport number, and other similar details.

Fast Delivery

We have a dedicated team for deliveries. Therefore, we ensure that you get your order within 24 hours. Moreover, we can deliver orders at your preferred time of the day.


We can deliver the Mifegest kit anywhere in the UAE. We have business partners across the United Arab Emirates that enable us to deliver to even remote areas. Therefore, you can order us for delivery even to tricky areas, as we will not disappoint you.


Can I get Mifegest kit in Dubai?

Although it is daunting, we are making it simple by making Mifegest kit available in UAE. So, you can get @Mifegest kit at your doorstep in Dubai.

What is the purpose of the @Mifegest kit in dubai?

We use a @Mifegest kit to terminate pregnancy.

How long does it take for the @Mifegest kit to work?

To show its working @Mifegest kit will take 24 to 48 hours . In the absence of @progesterone, the uterus lining breaks, as it does during the menstrual cycle, thus stopping the growth of the pregnancy. You will experience uterine bleeding once the @Mifegest kit starts working.

Do I have to reveal my identity to buy a Mifegest kit in Dubai?

No! We do not require your personal information when you buy the Mifegest kit from us. Since the purpose is to keep clients’ privacy intact, we provide your desired kit without revealing your identity