Abortion pills in dubai

Safe Abortion pills in Dubai

What Is a Medication Abortion or Abortion pills in dubai? Everything You Need To Know

In Dubai what is a medication abortion everything you need to know. Medication abortions (Abortion pills in UAE) involve the use of medications to end pregnancies these pills stop the pregnancy from continuing to develop and cause the uterus to empty itself. Thereby, ending the pregnancy medication abortion (Abortion pills available in dubai ) is a safe and efficient procedure that has been used for many years.

How do abortion pills work in Dubai

The majority of medication abortions need the administration of two different medications mifeperstone and misoprostol. mifeperstone stops a pregnancy from growing and misoprostol causes the uterus to shed its lining and empty itself.

Abortion pills in dubai

it works as an anti-projustin which blocks the body from making or using progesterone properly and thus helps to end a pregnancy. misoprostol on the other hand softens the cervix. the abortion itself may feel like a heavy period with cramping and bleeding. you may also pass large blood clots.

the process takes about 4 to 5 hours after taking the second medication although milder cramping and bleeding may continue for 1 to 2 days.

Abortion pills in uae

How effective are abortion pills they are

highly effective in ending pregnancies. however, the longer the pregnancy period the less effective the medication. Effectiveness appears to start waning after 12 weeks combination of mifeprostone and misoprostol. research shows that using both mifeprostone and misoprostol at 12 weeks or less of gestation completely ends pregnancy 95 to 99 of the time. if you’ve been pregnant for 9 weeks or less self-managing an abortion using both pills is no less effective than a clinician-supported abortion for people who can’t obtain both medications using misoprostol is also effective.

Is medication abortion safe

medical abortion is thought to be very safe. only 2% of medication abortions have problems and most of those are minor. according to a recent study of the Thirteen thousand women who had medication abortions over five years only six women required hospitalization.

Potential risks and complications.

it’s normal to experience.

Abortion pills side effects



low fever and a gastrointestinal upset for a few days after your abortion.

but serious complications are rare excessive bleeding might last for a long time other risks are.

blood clots in the uterus

incomplete abortion fever infection

Allergic reaction to the abortion pills


skin rash



diarrhea and digestive pain

some incomplete abortions can be treated with another dose of misoprostol While others may require surgical intervention

Who shouldn’t choose a medication abortion

people whose pregnancies are 12 weeks or less are eligible to end a pregnancy using pills. however medication abortion may be unsafe for people with certain health conditions like

chronic adrenal failure


ectopic pregnancy

inherited porphyrus and intolerance or allergy to mifeperstone or misoprostol

No use abortion pills which have certain Health issues

Also, if you have an intrauterine device, you should not use abortion pills until it is removed

What does recovery after a medication abortion entail

after an abortion you may experience painful cramping and bleeding as well as nausea and diarrhea or vomiting. so it’s best to take a day or two off work school or other activities. if possible you should also avoid heavy lifting or in intense exercise for at least a week.

taking warm baths

Get enough rest and consider taking warm baths or using a heating pad on your abdomen to help relieve. Any pain it might be a good idea to take a pregnancy test to confirm that the abortion is complete.

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